Currency Converter & Toolset

The EURO-PROST Currency Converter and Toolset
provides a viable concept, a market-proven set of solution components, and a full range of bank-certified EURO currency conversion routines to allow for a timely, controlled, and step-wise adaptation of existing and/or new software application environments to EURO conversion functionality, needs, and requirements.

The goal of PROST Solution Concept:
 Stepwise conversion to Euro to avoid a Big Bang 

·         Splitting the conversion volume into controllable and clear packages for 

§         Analysis of applications and
 currency amount converting
 in the databases and data files 

§         Interfaces between programs
 (also on different systems) 

§         Production release of the new
 Euro-compatible programs
 (Compile and Link) 

§         Reducing the conversion project risk 

·         Standardising the Euro conversion via all programs and databases to various system platforms and for different programming languages (company-wide identical procedures and conversion results) 

·         Central control data for the inter-application and -system control of all Euro-dependant functions, in-house currencies and interfaces with automatic activation on programmable deadlines
 (no actions on Euro deadline) 

·         Testing all Euro-dependant timely procedures and phase transitions in advance in quick motion 

·         Even employment of the limited development capacities via a longer period of time (continuous level of capacity utilisation, no peak load on Euro deadline) 

·         Relieving application developers from system-engineering Euro control and conversion problems (saving in terms of investment and time) 

  EURO-PROST supports
a professionally, controlled methodology and step-wise, gradual transition and implementation strategy for migrating your EURO-critical application environments while simultaneously avoiding a rushed, mission-critical Big Bang effect in terms of data processing technology through its step-wise conversion process model.
  Key to EURO-PROST's
Application Interface Management System is its capability to support coordinated cooperation among EURO-enabled and legacy application components throughout the various EURO transition phases. (e.g. functionality depending on different EURO-phases, transition of inhouse-currency from national currency to Euro).
is available as a DLL-Library for the Microsoft OS Plattforms Windows 2000 (NT), Windows 98/95, Windows 3.11, IBM OS/2, various UNIX flavors - as well as for prevailing legacy Mainframe plattforms (IBM/MVS, AS/400, DPPX, Siemens/BS2000) supporting application and programming environments such as CICS, TSO, IMS, Natural, Cobol, PL/1, C, Assembler. EURO-PROST supports networked environments, connecting PC, UNIX, and Mainframe systems.

A connection between C_PROST and the Microsoft Office products ACCESS and EXCEL as well as Microsoft Visual Basic from V5.0 has been introduced for general availability.
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  EURO-PROST includes for the currency conversion with its rounding a newly developed processor and system independent decimal arithmetic, which guarantees identical currency conversion results on all PC, UNIX and Mainframe systems supported by PROST.

  EURO-PROST meets
the EURO currency requirement criteria of EC document No. 1103/97 and has successfully passed Deutsche Bundesbank's full suite of regression and acceptance tests for EURO currency conversions.

  EURO-PROST has been deployed
at leading multi-national customer sites, including banking institutions, insurance companies, automobile & transportation corporations, telecommunication & retail organizations.

  SIBRA supplements
its EURO-PROST product offerings with extensive consultancy, project management & implementation services, and has entered into Follow the Link.... cooperative alliances with chosen partners and selective vendors to further enhance its EURO solution product range and services, in particular in such areas as analysing tools and automated program generation tools.

EURO-PROST - A Comprehensive EURO Currency Conversion Toolset

EURO-PROST meets the EURO requirement criteria of EC document No. 1103/97.


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EURO-PROST has passed Deutsche Bundesbank's full suite of regression and acceptance tests for EURO currency conversions.


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