SIBRA Solution Partners

has entered into business and technology exchange agreements with selected companies in order to strengthen its product sales and professional services offerings.

SIBRA has over 5 years experience with the
Follow the Link.... Edge Portfolio Analyzer EPA gathered in many LE/390 conversion projects and offers consulting and all kind of professional services around the EPA analysis tool. SIBRA is an official solution partner of the
Follow the Link.... Edge Information Group.

  As such the SIBRA Follow the Link.... EURO-Calculator
is made available for download from the Internet through authorized Follow the Link.... Distribution Partners for personal use and free of charge.

  With Follow the Link.... Software AG
we have entered into a comprehensive, global sales and technology agreement for our Follow the Link.... EURO-PROST Currency Converter & Toolset to be included as an integral, key component of Software AG's Follow the Link.... EURO SERVICES product offering which enables Adabas/Natural applications to be made Euro compliant.

  We have entered into a cooperative partnership with Follow the Link.... Fujitsu Siemens Computers as a member of their Global Alliance Program.

  If you are interested in becoming a SIBRA Solutions Partner
don't hesitate to Follow the Link.... contact us!

Get your free personal copy of the SIBRA EURO-Calculator from our Distribution Partners:

Kostenloser EURO-Calculator Download bei  
Kostenloser EURO-Calculator Download bei
Kostenloser EURO-Calculator Download bei Haeffner
Powerfull, EURO-PROST powered Analysis and Conversion Tools are available from: 
Analyse und Konvertierungs-Tool für Adabas/Natural Anwendungen
 Fujitsu Siemens Computers Global Alliance Partner