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As of January '99 the Euro has arrived
and the exchange rates among participating members of the European Monetary Union have been fixed. From that day forward, these countries will begin to replace their national currencies with the Euro, transforming the European Union into the world's largest single-currency trade group.

  The transition to the Euro
will require businesses and individuals to be able to operate with multiple currencies. The issues to be addressed include regulated conversions, such as triangulation; valid rounding, differences arising from the specified calculations, and matching amounts generated in one unit to those generated in the other unit.

  To help readily adopt to this evolving process
and to flexibly simplify everybody's daily currency conversion needs, SIBRA GmbH is offering its Follow the Link.... Desktop EURO-Calculator for download from the Internet to your Personal Computer through authorized Distribution Partners.

  The EURO-Calculator's Compute Engine
is based on SIBRA's highly successfull Follow the Link.... EURO-PROST Currency Converter and Toolset Environment in use at leading multi-national customer sites. It meets the EURO currency requirement criteria of EC document No. 1103/97 and has successfully passed Deutsche Bundesbank's full suite of regression and acceptance tests for EURO currency conversions.

  The EURO-Calculator converts
participating EMU currencies using the Follow the Link.... official exchange rates set by the European Commission as of January 1, 1999, and fully implements the official conversion and display rules defined by the European Commission. The EURO-Calculator also converts to/from non-participating, foreign exchange currencies, using current exchange rates fed through SIBRA's Distribution Partners' online updates.

  The SIBRA EURO-Calculator
is downloadable from the Internet through authorized Follow the Link.... Distribution Partners for personal use and free of charge.

  If you are interested in a
SIBRA EURO-Calculator Professional Edition
please Follow the Link.... contact us directly.

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